Tokyo, Seo●ul and other

wer were switched of●f at 8:00 pm. Ove■r 900,000 Ta○ipei citize●ns took part in the〓 campaign, s●aving 280,00◆0 kwh of electricity● in an hour. On Se●ptember 1, 20●07, the national e◆nergy conservat●ion and emissi◆ons reduction ○campaign was offi■cially laun◆ched in the Grea●t Hall of the ◆People. Vi◆ce Premier Ze◆ng Peiyan deliver〓ed an impo■rtant speech at the ○launch.As the● end consumers o◆f energy, the p●ublic鈥檚 participat○ion in energy cons■ervation is v〓ital. Although China◆ is rich in resourc●es, due to its ○large popul●ation, the■ average amount of■ resources per c●apita is extrem

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